Kurkov Construction Company | GlassMan, inc.


​​Built on the trust and camaraderie of brothers.

The Kurkov brothers make Kurkov Construction Company what it is: a reputable company built on the trust and camaraderie of brothers.

Remaining personally involved in each stage of the homebuilding process allows Kurkov Construction to maintain incredible quality control and accountability to their customers. Besides improving their technical skills in construction, the lessons they’ve learned and the experience that they’ve have gained throughout the years in project management, planning, and customer involvement has really set their company apart from others.

An increasing number of multifamily property owners and managers are turning to Kurkov for help with the renovation of their multifamily units. Kurkov Construction is your one-stop solution for the rehab of apartments, condos, multiplexes, and all other associated property such as leasing offices and cabanas.

Multifamily Services:
  • Interior Renovation
  • Exterior Renovations
  • Amenity Renovations