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When looking for the perfect bathtub shower door, the first question should be, “do I have enough room for a swing door”. The answer most of the time is no. Because of the lack of space in many bathrooms we suggest going with a slider for your bathtub shower door. With over 30 years of shower door experience we have come to trust only the top three manufactures in the slider market; Alumax, CRL and Cardinal. Check out a couple of our finished bathtub sliding shower door photos below.

We offer multiple options and styles for frameless and framed sliders. Stock sizes and custom sizing available. The by-pass features streamlined sill and wall jambs making for easy cleaning and care. Take a look at some of our completed walk-in sliding shower doors; we have also added a couple of manufacturer pictures to give you a variety of option to consider.

Our sliding bathtub shower doors and walk-in sliders are built to last. We strive to provide you with the best quality, service and innovative products on the market place today. Ask about brand name glass treatment options such as HydroShield & EnduroShield.

All Alumax brand products come with lifetime warranty on all hardware and metal.