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When it comes to residential windows replacement there are four (4) things you need to think about first.

  1. Reason: Why do you wish to replace your current windows? The top three reasons we hear time and again are to 1) improved energy savings, 2) don’t like the look or style and 3) easier window functions.
  2. Energy Value: u-value .30 or lower
  3. Function: Think about each window you would like to replace and what kind of window function you would like to have for that window. There are a variety of window options available, you can check out our window type page for more information.
  4. Location: Depending on the location of the window you may want to think about window options like a sun glare film.


Broken and foggy windows are a common problem during the spring and fall seasons. This is because the window has a small leak which allows moisture to enter the window and condensation occurs. When you have a failed window unit the problem can be fixed by having the “IGU” (insulated glass unit) replaced.

Before and After Repair